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[8] Distribution

You are encouraged to distribute the Unregistered Version to whomever and wherever you wish as long as no money, services, and/or goods are directly exchanged for it. Software Vendors approved by the Association of Shareware Professionals and/or any non-profit organization and/or any non-profit individual are permitted to redistribute this software package without my permission via any electronic (including disk) form. Anyone else must contact me to get my written (including email) approval. You must NOT charge any price for this software package but MAY charge for the distribution media.

You are NOT to distribute the Registered Version and/or any Registration Information to ANYONE that has not paid for any Registered Version and/or Registration Information prior to the distribution.

Any Registered Individual may copy the software package to as many computers as they wish as long that only one copy is being used and any one time and that it is being used by the Registered Individual.
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