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Quick Page Time-Line:

I haven't had a lot of solid time to write Quick Page. Mostly just a few spare minutes here and there. Sometime back in early December '96 I came up with the original concept.
December 28, 1996(1.0)First beta copy came out.
January 7, 1997(1.1)*Lots* of bugs fixed.
January 9, 1997(1.2)Whole new GUI. First official release.
January 22, 1997(1.21)Added time stamp option.
Febuary 3, 1997(1.25)Added support for email addresses.
Febuary 14, 1997(1.3)A better and faster URL finding subroutine.
Febuary 25, 1997(1.4)Support for finding and making headers.
March 12, 1997(1.42)Added title option.
March 17, 1997(1.5)Added new file IO functions to remove the 32k limit.
April 21, 1997(1.6)Multi-Page Capability
April 29, 1997(1.65)Made it work smoother and faster.
May 6, 1997(1.7)Fixed a bunch of bugs within the multi-page functions.
May 12, 1997(1.72)Fixed a few bugs and made the GUI nicer.
May 15, 1997(1.73)Checks for special charactors and replaces them with their HTML counterpart.
End of May and all of JuneToo busy with school to even think about it.
July 20, 1997(2.0)Re-wrote a lot of the code over again to be smaller and more efficient. Approx 200% speed increase. Whole new GUI. Includes Color options and custom footer. INI file support to save settings.
July 23, 1997(2.1)Added background image support, meta-tags, and better code to handle registration. Fixed a bug that would freeze the program if the ini file was missing.
July 28, 1997(2.2)Fixed a bug that wouldn't let the saved options load right. Also fixed the opening screen so it would look good on all monitors, not just 600x480. Fixed a bug that would freeze the program if it was closed from the control box instead of the exit button.